One Hour in-person or Virtual appointment. These can be held weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Some areas of expertise:

- Accountability, Awareness and Embodiment Health Coaching

- Coaching through a life transition, a bump in the road, burnout, or unexpected/cumulative life challenge

- Delving into one health challenge/concern or a group of related conditions in order to better understand or find peace in the diagnoses you've been given or the medical options presented to you

- Developing a specific Food and Eating Plan for general weight loss or specific dietary or medical need

- Lifestyle Education: how to lovingly use food, movement, mindset, and natural healing remedies to get off or avoid prescription medications and improve chronic health challenges

- Creative Healing Session: using various methods such as Soul Collage, journaling and other free-flowing art forms, we will explore your unique set of challenges to your wellness and allow your own inner truth to be set free.


Some areas of expertise and experience:

- Family Wellness Shift: we will explore your unique family dynamics, set personalized health goals for your entire family and make specific plans to achieve them - all while having a blast!

- Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Bad Food: this fun, educational, and inspiring group activity includes individual nutritional and health assessments, an in-person meal planning, prep and cooking experience along with mind-body-nutrition education to kick off a health new season of yummy and nutritious food for your group of pals and their families

- Office Level-up Health Challenge: creating specific health goals for your office staff with a defined timeline and incentives

- Physician Wellness Group Coaching


Group workshops and individual sessions available.                    for group schedule or email me to explore individual and group sessions.