Nourish Yourself, Improve Your Health and Find Your True Vitality

Single Coaching Session


One Hour in-person or virtual appointment to:

- Delve into one health challenge/concern or a group of related conditions in order to better understand or find peace in the diagnoses you've been given or the medical options presented to you

- Develop a specific Diet Plan for general weight loss or specific dietary and medical need

- Accountability, Awareness and Embodiment health coaching

- Lifestyle Education: how to lovingly use food, movement, mindset, and natural healing remedies to get off or avoid prescription medications and improve chronic health challenges

- Functional Medicine Consultation: helping you to get to the root cause of your unique health challenges, shed light on the context of those challenges in your life, and expand treatment and diagnostic options in your care plan.

Metabolic Reset 60-day Program


The program offers you:

- Four virtual or in-person appointments to discuss a personalized metabolic plan

- Detailed health goals and medical history questionnaire explored with you, personalized health plan created with you.

- Online Group admission for discussions, support, countless recipes, inspiration, motivation, accountability and more

- Eating Psychology tips, self-exploration assignments for you to complete at your own pace, and information to honor YOU as the eater

- Nutritional information to engage your mind and demystify the easy science of weight maintenance, cellular detoxification, increased energy production and vitality.

- Detailed body composition readings (for those of you in the Bellingham area) on a Tanita scale, showing not just weight but also body muscle/fat/water mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, hydration status and more. 

- Emails with inspiration, nutritional information, and tips to keep you on track

- May be continued to include monthly visits (as well as continued access to the online group and email access) for $200/mo

This is perfect for the following concerns/goals as well as many more:

- Weight Loss 

- Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

- Increased Vitality

- Overcoming/Eliminating Chronic Disease and Improving your Metabolic Profile

- Improving Stress, Fatigue, Low Mood, and Digestion Challenges 

- Newly diagnosed Diabetes, Hypertension or Hyperlipidemia with the goal of avoiding or eliminating prescription medication

Group Visits

Rates depend on group size, need and focus. Send me a detailed email with your group information, goals, and desires and I can form a program for you for a cost we agree on.

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