• Amy Picco, DO

Hold It. The pose, not the breath.

It’s like holding a difficult yoga pose right now. Your instructor, whom you loved just a few minutes ago, is asking you to breath deeply into the discomfort of holding this pose. You’re wondering what you ever saw in her or this dang class. But you do it. You hold your body where it is, strong; and breath deeply, fluid.

Then something happens. A tiny, internal shift. You do as she says and breath deep; then deeper still. And there it is – the tiny spark of thought or feeling or hint or intuitive knowing that you are fine and your body is uncomfortable, but not dead. Not dying at all.

You get through it and make plans for the next class. It was hard. But now you’re stronger.

We are a capable, resilient people. We can get through this challenge, and we can choose now (every day, a new choice) to come out of it with scars and more dysfunction…or just a little stronger. Just like in the one moment while holding that yoga pose. Did we face some of our demons, doubts and denial? Did we do something helpful for others? Or did we cut ourselves off from our community?

It’s not too late to shift. We’re still in the yoga pose. What is your internal shift (ie your gift) while we are in this place of not knowing what is next? We know this pose won’t last forever but we don’t entirely know what pose comes next. Can we breath deeper into this place? Can we sit in our inner peace while our outer strength is working hard? Can we give in to the blankness, the stillness within us that doesn’t change, even if it’s utter chaos in the physical world? Can we give in to relaxing our monkey minds, knowing that our bodies are working hard to keep us safe and healthy, fed and employed?

What is the gift of this moment for you? Strength? Resilience? Kindness? Awareness? There is a soul gift in this for you. I hope you receive it. And if not today, then maybe tomorrow?

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