• Amy Picco, DO

Define Your Happy Ending

Did you know that your brain can’t distinguish well between actually, physically doing a task versus just imagining doing that task? The areas of your brain that are involved in making that action happen are activated whether you're doing something OR just imagining you are. But more than just the momentary activation of our brain, visualizing movement changes how our brain networks are organized, creating more connections among different regions. We grow ourselves and become more efficient as we visualize our successful actions.

And...we've already discussed the fact that thoughts really do become things via the release of neurochemicals in your body. But did you also know that each emotion and each thought has a vibration associated with it? So between the physical changes from the vibrations and the chemical changes occuring with the activating of neurons within your brain we have a whole huge cascade of change within your internal landscape just from thoughts and emotions alone.

Now let's put these three fascinating things together!

I'd say that between visualization of success, choosing your thoughts well, and owning your emotions, you are really half way to your goal just by going there with the mind alone.

But, the mind tends to wander. SO, let’s give your mind a very clear goal (specific thoughts and emotions) with a very clear visualization to go with it so you have an end point to work toward. Or glide toward. Or dance toward. This can be fun! Who wants more work? Not me. Find the joy and ease in this. This is better than a pick-your-own-ending book because it's REAL. And you're in charge. Really. You are.

Try the following steps to making it easier, and more fun, to achieve your goals and start celebrating the victory NOW:

· Make a list of all the benefits you expect to receive once you’ve reached your goals with heath/fitness/energy/work/love life/project completion. These are your WHY statements - ie all the reasons and rewards for having your goals in the first place. Be very specific. And list as many as you can think of.

· Imagine all the emotions associated with these benefits. Feel them in your entire body. Allow the chemicals and the vibrations of those positive emotions to sing through your body. Then write down your statements of emotions regarding your success in present tense. As if the success and benefit have happened and you are really feeling it all right now. For example, I am so proud of myself that I won that award for best health coach in the Pacific Northwest.

· Take the time to fully receive the benefit NOW. Take on that personality, that role, that emotion, that story NOW, not later. Truly feel that success and allow it to alter your internal life map. Allow it to alter your internal life story. Act as if you are the person you wish to be and you’ll not only convince the rest of us but you’ll also prove it to yourself.

· Know that in the long arc of life we get to redefine our goals at any point we want to. And create new thoughts, emotions and visualizations to help us achieve those goals. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and have had too many goals to count! When I hit one I celebrate like mad and then, when my body and soul and heart tell me it’s time, I sit down, write out a new one, and start the visualization. Life is a never-ending celebration that way.

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