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Are you going Keto?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Many people who are looking to drop stubborn excess weight, gain muscle and/or lose fat, as well improve their cholesterol or blood sugar results are turning to the Ketogenic diet. It is a safe, effective way to lose fat, maintain and improve your muscle (the stuff that actually burns calories!) and get rid of high cholesterol, high blood sugar and even high blood pressure. I’ve counseled many, many people through losing hundreds of pounds of unwanted fat through a ketogenic diet and it’s easy to do once you’ve planned it out. The main rule is to simply cut out MOST of your carbs (for most people, under 50 grams) while maintaining enough healthy fat and essential proteins.

But lack of carbs in your diet can mean lack of fiber. And there are tons of studies that show how beneficial fiber is to your health. There are also vitamins and minerals in many carbs that you don’t want to eliminate from your diet. In addition, I also believe it’s important to honor what your mouth wants from time to time. But once you’re in ketosis, you don’t want to get out – you’re finally burning your own fat for fuel and improving your health and energy!

SO, I’ve put together a little list of my favorite Low-Carb-High-Fiber foods to fill your belly, improve your health, keep your mouth happy, and help you achieve your keto goals!

What if we CAN have it all???!??

Get in touch with me if you'd like me to help you create your own unique diet to serve your health needs and goals.

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