• Amy A. Picco, D.O.

What's Your Story?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Have you ever heard a story that inspired you or even changed your life? A story that dramatically altered your mood, uplifting you and your energy? Or maybe the opposite – a story that hit you deep in your gut, sinking you low, into sadness? Those emotions lead to physical reactions, too. We feel uplifted and inspired and suddenly our energy increases and we’re motivated. Or when we feel sad, angry, or frustrated we may feel tired, achy, or depressed. Every feeling represents a chemical reaction in our body. Hormones and other chemicals are released that travel the bloodstream and alter your nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, your vital signs, ...your entire being. Your body changes physically during and after the emotion. So, you’re not just what you eat, or your genetics, or your physical attributes. Really, you, physically are how you feel. You change based on your emotions. And, you can argue that hearing maybe a sad story once makes you a little sad and then you get over it. But what about the stories you’re telling yourself or hearing in your head over and over and over again? What does the repetitive, chronic story of your life do to your body? What chemical emotions are you releasing all the time?

We all have our OWN stories that define us, guide us, help us and limit us and cause all sorts of physical reactions in our bodies. Do you have a story of abandonment? Of failure? Of having bad luck? Or is your story one of perseverance and good luck? Do you tell the story of good genetics or bad genetics in your family? Have you ever told your friends you’re doomed to be attracted to a certain type of guy? Or that you “always get sick” when others are sick around you? There’s a hidden narrator within each of us that puts a spin on every aspect of our lives. And that spin – whether it’s life affirming joy or a negative hailstorm– creates a biochemistry that is a mirror image of our inner world.

Take a quite moment and ask yourself what your inner story is. Step into the observer roll and listen for your hidden narrator to speak. What is she saying? Is it true? Is it leading to a positive emotion or a negative one?

Is it time to find a new inner dialogue? Is it time to find joy in the journey?

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