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It's that time again! Holiday Eating, here we come!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

How to Embrace

Holiday Eating

...part 1

Holiday celebrations often involve food. Sometimes there are family traditions and foods that you’ve loved your whole life. When we honor the cycles of our life, and our year, we know that these times of celebratory eating will bring extra calories, a veer from our normal routine, and (when we’re paying attention) a shift in how our body feels. This shift within our body is its way of communicating. It’s a reminder to us to get back to what we’ve defined as our ‘norm’.

It’s like your mother reminding you to brush your teeth before bed. You can ignore her or you can heed her advice.

When you trust in your body to give you the answers you need, joining in the holiday eating is not “off your diet” then. It is a planned part of your diet. A planned, temporary woohoo whose end will come when your body tells you it’s come. Knowing your body will tell you when you’ve had enough, you can then partake in your celebratory eating phase with joy. You can cherish the meal with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. You can savor every bite of a decadent dessert shared with your kids. You can gladly eat at the buffet held in your grandma’s honor at her birthday. These are moments in time, mere moments in the grand scheme of your month, your year, your life. And they are meant to be LIVED… truly lived and experienced. With joy and presence; not guilt, self-deprivation or self-sabotage.

The magic key is this: Awareness. Remaining truly aware of your decision to not just blindly partake but to truly enjoy the food – this gives you control and confidence. Awareness, choice, embracing and living in the moment. Knowledge that the moment at hand (like all others) is fleeting. And then awareness of how your body feels afterward to help guide your next decisions.

At some point in celebratory eating (sometimes after that one meal, and maybe more often after, say, the third day of celebratory eating…) your body begins to give subtle (and sometimes NOT so subtle) cues to alert you that you have strayed long enough and it’s time to get back on the path. Your path. The path where you are in balance. The path that allows for joy on your tongue and health in your body. The ‘norm’ you know in your cells where your body truly feels good. And food is once again nourishment for your body so that the rest of you can do what it is you’re here on this Earth to do. In this ONE body; in this ONE life.

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