Join a group of like-minded people ready to commit to one month of ketosis for safe, rapid weight loss to get you back on track. Feel comfortable in your body again, lose unwanted fat pounds, reset your metabolism, and reset your habits.

This group is for motivated people who are looking to commit to a 30-day ketosis diet for weight loss. Ketosis is a well-studied, safe, and fairly easy dietary approach for fast weight loss. It can be used to improve and sometimes eliminate many medical conditions including fatty liver disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, and sleep apnea. Many people lose up to 2 pounds a week!


Joining the group gives you:

  • Support - I will walk you through the 30 days to a leaner you, meeting with you personally via Zoom at the beginning and toward the end of the month to ensure you have what you need to be successful. I will be sending you personalized emails or texts based on what kind of support works best for you. You'll have unlimited access to information about the diet and support chatting through Facebook.

  • Safety - you will be screened through an intake form to ensure you're safe to join this group. As a medical doctor, I have supervised numerous people over years through this diet! I will go through the intake forms and your medical history with you before you begin.

  • Accountability - I'll be checking in with and sending you information 1-2 times a week via email and our private Facebook group. You can also choose to pick an accountability partner through the group!

  • Information - you'll get my time-proven strategies, recipes, scientific data and tips and tricks as you navigate the keto diet successfully

  • A way forward - after your 30 days you have many options for continued support and success!

    • You can get a send-off plan from me on how to transition back to eating some carbohydrates and maintaining the new you.

    • You can join my Finding the Fulcrum Weight Maintenance Group for continued support

    • You can see me privately for continued coaching to achieve specific health goals