Finding the Fulcrum



You, like most adults out there, have lost weight and gained it back. You've had times of health and times of struggle with your body. What you long for now is a sense of peace and stability within your body. To be able to sit comfortably in your body, mind and heart. To not spend so much time worrying about gaining the weight back or feeling bad again. To be free to spend your energy doing the things you're meant to do here, not worry about your weight.

This group is for support. For the continued journey of gaining knowledge, yes: learning how to eat what your body asks for, how to transition off ketosis and back into the world of carbs, how to honor different styles of eating for different times of the year and still keep a steady weight. But more importantly than being given the facts on how to maintain your weight, you'll be gaining awareness of what your body needs to remain strong, healthy and stable. This group is for people who are ready to partner their bodies to their minds, hearts and spirits in order to be the best version of themselves they can be.


  • This group is offered to those who have gone through coaching with me or are in the Keto Group

  • You get a one-hour coaching session with me at sign-up to set your intentions, name and really connect with your WHY's and come up with a plan for your future success

  • You get discounted packages for future coaching sessions

  • Included are weekly emails with tips, tricks, recipes, and important information to keeping unwanted weight off (physically and emotionally)

  • You get one, monthly, personal email exchange to answer your unique questions. This will help you stay motivated and connected to your WHY's to be healthy, happy, and peaceful in your body.

$50 one-time fee then

$20/month thereafter

Warm Up on the Beach