Amy A. Picco, D.O

I’m a certified health coach who also happens to be a board certified Osteopathic Family Physician. I practiced primary care on Whidbey Island, Washington for 7 years before moving to Bellingham in 2015 and realizing that I could not continue practicing medicine in the way our current healthcare system demands.


My empathetic, loving heart burned out.


I needed the balance between family and work, between physical and spiritual, between emotions and intellectual, that I sought for my patients. So, I shifted my career. And devoted all my energy to diving into the real reason I went into medicine -- how to more effectively be there for people making the changes necessary to live the best version of their lives. How to help people land lovingly in their bodies so they can do the real work they're meant to do in this world.


Over the last 25 years I've studied various branches of Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Family Medicine, Metabolic disorders, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, weight loss, spirituality, sexual and relationship health, fitness, and personal transformation. I've participated in many coaching, self-care and wellness programs and am certified in Mind-Body Nutrition Health Coaching. I am a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator. I have done the hard work personally, stretching my growth and pushing my evolution.


And now, at long last, I am so excited to be combining all of my personal growth and professional expansion and passion in offering Wellness Coaching coming from the place of a whole and centered me -- doctor, health coach, nutritionist, spiritual journeyer, exercise enthusiast and self-care guru.


I offer individual appointments (individuals looking for an advocate or partner in facing a health or life challenge, physicians and other healthcare workers facing health, life or career challenges, and family members of these folks struggling with their beloveds) as well as group visits (families, groups of friends or groups of co-workers facing a health challenge together, patients in doctor's offices with similar health or motivation challenges). My approach includes education, support, motivation, accountability, mindset expansion, coordination of care with other providers, health and life coaching, and SoulCollage® sessions. And, of course, providing the loving space and feedback you need as you journey from the challenges that are holding you back to the vitality and wellness that is inherent in and available for you.

Personally, I find my joy and balance in all kinds of outdoor play with my family, cooking, travel, practicing yoga and meditation, forest walks, SoulCollage® cards, and paddle boarding with my dog Finley. I am involved in sacred women's circles, health and wellness retreats, and local spiritual and religious communities. 

Life wants not only the clear but also the muddy, not only the bright but also the dark; it wants all days to be followed by nights, and wisdom herself to celebrate her carnivals.

C.G. Jung